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author: Peter
date posted: June 15th 2013

So after a string of dates in Germany we've now made it to Denmark. For the trivia hungry folks out there, this is where most of "Violator" was recorded almost 25 years ago. How time flies!

Anyone who's more than glanced at the schedule for this tour will have noticed that there are very few back-to-back shows. This (at the face of it) more leisurely pace means that the crew does the load in and construction the day before the actual show.

So yesterday (June 12) was load in day (a longer than usual ordeal, as the venue wasn't quite ready for us when we arrived), and today is show day at Parken stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark. Some 40-odd thousand people in a stadium, and it's raining like the end of days. Thank whatever deity you prefer for roofed stadiums!

The arena feel of the roofed stadium, combined with the huge capacity can some times help create a special atmosphere, and tonight's show was one of those times. Tonight was nothing short of fantastic. I'm sticking up some pictures along with this --the photos were taken by Pete Harper and Mikkel Damsgaard.

After a 2 hour 30 minute load out, it's on to Paris...



Additional trivia:
Tonight was the first time in 20 years "Judas", "Higher Love", "Walking In My Shoes" and "I Feel You" were played on the same night.

This was Depeche Mode's 18th show in Denmark, and they have just announced the 19th, which will be taking place in Herning on November 29th of this year (tickets go on sale early September).

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