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New Orleans
author: Nichelle
date posted: Thursday, July 12, 2001

So yesterday was a very active and busy day. We had the video shoot all day which went late, then Fletch's birthday party that night. Lets first speak about the video shoot.

As all video shoots go, the main motto is to "hurry up and wait," and that is exactly what we did. And each time they say 5 minutes, in real life it means 25-45 minutes. Fletch, Martin and myself got down there about 1:00 PM - David had arrived earlier - and we did a lot of hanging out in the trailer. David did a few shots by himself (I cannot say TOO much because I do not want to give it away), then Martin and Fletch did some as well. The bad part came when it began to rain. It had done this earlier in the day, but passed over quite quickly. We kept thinking that this last storm would do the same, but it ended up staying much longer. The best part was watching it come in. Some of us stood outside before the rain began and watched as it started much farther away with the lightening and thunder. I guess Louisiana is famous for these type of storms, a bit like Atlanta.

So after waiting and waiting and waiting for it to pass, John Hillcoat decided to shoot them under a nearby bridge, allowing them an interesting background as well as some cover from the rain. John and his staff shot a bunch of footage the day before as well around New Orleans, so I think that the video will be very cool when it is finished. The guys seemed to think so as well.

Now onto Fletch's birthday. We began at an amazing restaurant called Andrew Jaeger's House of Seafood for some cocktails and appetizers. Then about an hour later dinner began. It was incredible food and good company, just what Fletch had wanted. Then after dinner, a few people went up and gave toasts, as well as Peter and Christian doing a birthday song for him. Of course Martin did not want to be left out - he sang several more songs, some Elvis and one of his own - a country version of "Just Can't Get Enough" with Peter and Christian accompanying him. Overall, it turned out to be a great night!

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