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New York, NY. (Late Night With David Letterman)
author: Jody Hardy
date posted: November 2nd, 1998

Had to wake up late on Saturday, after dinner at the Tribeca Grill hosted by Reprise followed by our meeting up with our crew (a rare but very pleasant event) at the Bubble Lounge. It was a good party, but unfortunately it wasn't long before I had to retire to my bed - very tired after Madison Square Garden gigs.

Saturday, our fearless leader Mr. Andy Franks had to defy all odds by then trecking to VH-1 for the first of the many interviews for the forthcoming 'Depeche Mode - Behind the Music'. A great show.

This was Franksy's first ever full-on TV interview where he spilt the beans (and the pulses about DM). It must be said, there are a lot of beans.........

Please see picture of the main man, Mr. Andy Franks and his beautiful and luverly wife, Marla (after the interview - with an extremely cheeky grin on his face -I wonder why??).

Read here for broadcast dates.

Sunday came around very quickly, now its off to Philadephia to play at the Spectrum. Was a little bored in the morning so decided to run the marathon then left for the venue with the band at around 2 p.m., avoiding all the other runners.

Soundcheck and dinner. Everyone was very happy as we got our expresso machine back, so we now get some strong coffee...

Started taking pictures with the new camera - the one with the dinosaur and egg was a test picture from my hotel room.

Gig was good and the crowd were most receptive. VH-1 continued to shoot for their special and were very very happy.....

Jonathan, the band's manager was interviewed too and was looking extremely cool in his suit. No hints about his interview - just tune into VH-1 on the assigned date.

After a quick few games of bar football we drove back to New York to prepare for Letterman today........

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