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Miami, Fl. (Day Off)
author: Jody Hardy
date posted: November 12th, 1998

Miami - We arrived in miami the night before the show and were greeted in the airport by some serious humidity. Had relaxing evening in preparation for the show.

Miami show day - We arrived at the venue only to see the new miami arena up in flames , it was in the middle of being built and apparently a welders torch set the scaffolding on fire. So everyone stood out side and watched the fire-engine-helicopter putting out the flames. I dont know if it was the weather, but the crowd went mad for the show, and as a result we had (as usual) another stormer of a gig.

Orlando (show day) - A few hours in the morning by the pool to start work on the suntans (Mr. Franks looking nice and brown) and then all aboard the Skylark for a quick sojourn into the skies and on to Orlando. As I sit next to Christian on the plane and ask him about the Orlando show he says- "I dont remember much except I we all rocked like animals!!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!" After the show back to the giant hotel which was a cross between a train station and a shopping center. Not a particularily wild night..........

Tampa (show day) - For a change we drove to Tampa, a short burn up the highway. Tampa the excruciatingly hot city, played host to a fantastic DM show. Everyone was in top form and really got into it.The crowd once again went loony, especially on stage right (martins side). After the show there was much activity in the accountants office, and Tom came out rubbing his hands - he managed to look into a couple of openings that might bear fruit in the future-it must have been a good night all round. Then back to our lovely beach side hotel to prepare for two days of sun and fun.

Days off - Every one kicked back and got into beach life, and we all discovered our new passion - wave runners . Dave, jeff, myself and andrew were the first out hitting the waves and soon christian was out as well. We spent ages on them, and also on the nextday. Christian went out another three times - his butt is still hurting. Good food and swimming, chilling out and talking about things other than touring. Then we flew to Houston....

Houston (showday) - A short while by the pool and then we headed to the venue. A sold out night, we played to a seriously crazy, cowboy hat a wearin' 15,000 Texans. The result was another (you guessed it!) fab show. Great hip swinging by Dave, hand waving by fletch, and head banging from Martin!!!!!

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