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One Caress

One Caress
Lead Singer: Martin L. Gore
Songwriter: Martin L. Gore
Publishing Info: ©1992 Grabbing Hands Music/EMI Music Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. Lyrics electronically reprinted with permission.

Well I'm down on my knees again
And I pray to the only one
Who has the strength
To bear the pain
To forgive all the things that I've done

Oh girl
Lead me into your darkness
When this world is trying it's hardest
To leave me unimpressed
Just one caress
From you and I'm blessed

When you think you've tried every road
Every avenue
Take one more look
At what you found old
And in it you'll find something new

I'm shying from the light
I always loved the night
And now you offer me eternal darkness

I have to believe that sin
Can make a better man
It's the mood that I am in
That's left us back where we began

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